Power of Scotland has threatened to veto Brexit

In interview “Bi-bi-si” the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that attempts to exclude the UK from the EU will cause serious damage and painful consequences. “I want and will try to protect Scotland from this” – said the Minister.

In this regard, she noted that the region will try to do everything to ensure that the UK remains in the Community. One of the ways she called veto, which may put the Scottish Parliament on the decision to withdraw from the EU. It is a possible option, since regional legislatures are given the right to challenge decisions from London.

Sturgeon also asked whether she understands that many English people will be angry if the Scottish Parliament will block their vote. “Yes, I understand that. But it is necessary to reckon with the displeasure of the majority of Scots, which may be excluded from the EU against their will”, she said.

According to Sturgeon, it does not rule out a new referendum on Scottish independence, especially since in a recent poll, 59% of the region’s residents after Brexit expressed the desire to secede from the UK. “The country in which the Scots wanted to stay in 2014 – during the previous referendum no longer exists,” – said the Minister. She pointed out that he sees Scottish independence and the establishment of the state border with England anything wrong. “England is our closest neighbor, and I hope that she is our best friend” – said Sturgeon.

In a referendum on the fate of the UK in the EU all electoral districts in the region voted against Brexit. For further stay in the European Union voted by 62% of Scots.