The dollar soared 2 rubles at the opening on Friday

The dollar soared 2 rubles at the opening on Friday

Moscow. June 24. The ruble fell against the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange at the opening on Friday on the background to realized the risk of Brexit.

Bidding on the dollar began to ETS transactions in a wide range of 65.5-67,58 of the ruble, on average, for 2 minutes, the rate was 65,88 rubles (2.03 ruble to the level of the previous close). The Euro was in the area to 72.7 rubles, adding just 2 cents, the currency basket was worth 68,95 rubles (1.12 ruble).

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The dollar was thus approximately 1.5 rubles above the level of the current official exchange rate of the Euro is about 20 cents below the official rate.

The increase in the dollar against the ruble caused by the outcome of the referendum in Britain, say experts “Interfax-TSEA”. As it became known this morning, the British in the referendum were in favor of ending the country’s participation in the European Union: according to official data, out of the EU voted 51.9% of voters with a turnout of over 72%. In total, the referendum was attended by more than 33.5 million people. This caused a sharp drop in the capital markets, and a collapse in oil prices. The cost of the August futures for Brent crude on London exchange ICE Futures at 10:00 Moscow time fell by 5% to us $48,4 per barrel.