The Kremlin confirmed the first 4 years of Putin’s participation in the Congress of United Russia

As reported by “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin on Monday will take part in the Congress of “United Russia”, which will be approved the election program of the party and also presented their party lists of candidates for elections to the State Duma.

That the head of state for the first time since 2012, decided to go to the Congress of “United Russia”, reported April 26, citing a source close to the presidential administration. Dmitry Peskov did not rule out” a visit to the Putin party event, but officially, the Kremlin did not confirm that.

Last time Putin ‘ full participation in the Congress of “United Russia” four years ago. Then he resigned as party Chairman, on his recommendation, the Congress elected the new leader Dmitry Medvedev. Putin, a few weeks before Congress took office of the President, his departure was explained by the fact that as head of the state should be “non-partisan” and to maintain impartiality.

In 2013, Putin was not involved in the work of the main day of the Congress, only talking on the eve of secretaries of primary branches of “United Russia”. The head of state stressed that the meeting was held just ahead of the official party action.

After that, United Russia for several years did not hold a Congress, and publicly Putin spoke with the leaders of the EP in the framework of meetings with leaders of parliamentary parties.

In mid-April during a straight line Putin has called the party “a stabilizing element of the political system”, and soon after that together with Dmitry Medvedev came to the party headquarters to communicate with the participants in the primaries.