The petition for re-referendum on Brexit has created an outspoken opponent of the EU

According to the British newspaper Metro, the petition for a second referendum, which supporters of the EU is considered as the last hope for its success, was created by an activist of the nationalist organization “English Democrats” by William Healy.

As explained in his Facebook Healy himself, he created a petition on 23 may, when the polls showed the advantage of the proponents of the UK’s membership in the EU. “At that time there was no guarantee that we will win”, – declared nationalist.

Healy pointed out that has always been against the “bureaucratic and undemocratic structures of the EU, He criticized the support the petition, since the referendum, he said, was conducted in accordance with democratic principles.

In the result, the petition has collected over 3 million signatures, and the edition of the Metro indicates that it could sign and supporters of Brexit, and that she and Healy decided to err on the event of defeat.

Meanwhile, the House of Commons of the British Parliament has promised to consider the petition Healy, as the law requires in the case of support document 100 thousand citizens.

A referendum on the fate of the UK in the EU according to the law were Advisory in nature, but the authorities prior to promised that will execute any will of the citizens.