The survey showed a desire for almost 60% of Scots to leave the UK

After Brexit the independence of Scotland is supported by 59% of citizens of this country, from the data of a survey conducted by newspaper The Sunday Post. According to her, against the independence vote 32%, while 9% do not know the answer.

The publication drew attention to the change in the attitudes “of older voters, who traditionally have always voted against independence”: 47% of pensioners currently favors the exit.

As reported earlier, first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, the government is preparing to submit a bill on holding a second referendum on secession from the UK. “The second (Scottish) referendum on independence is undoubtedly an option that requires discussion, very active discussion,” she said.

Sturgeon stressed that the Cabinet will seek to conduct “discussions directly with Brussels in order “to protect the place of Scotland in the EU”. “We are determined to act decisively, but in such a way as to preserve the unity of the whole of Scotland on the way forward,” the Minister said.

The vote on the question of the withdrawal of Britain from the EU was held on 23 June. According to the results, 51.9 per cent (17.4 million people) voted for the country’s withdrawal from the organization of 48.1% (16,14 million) against.

In Scotland meanwhile, a majority of the votes scored opponents Brexit — 62%. After that Stargen stated that the second two years a referendum on independence would be conducted “with high probability”.

The previous referendum on Scottish independence held in September 2014. Voting preparations took more than two years, according to its results for 55.3% of voters were against independence to 45%.