The traffic between Russia and Georgia was suspended due to the landslide

The column of vehicles stretching several kilometers, lined up on the road Mtskheta-Mtianeti-Lars leading to the border with Russia, informs news Agency “news-Georgia”.

According to him, the reason was the gathering of mudflow masses June 23, which damaged 800 m of plot Georgian Military road. In the danger zone, 134-135 km of road Mtskheta-Mtianeti-Lars, had prohibited the movement of all types of vehicles. Closed the checkpoint “Kazbegi — Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border.

On-site work heavy machinery, the Agency said.

The Georgian authorities expect to open the road within two weeks, writes “news-Georgia”. The head of the Department of roads of Georgia Giorgi Seturidze meanwhile, announced that repair work will begin only after the river Devdoraki and the Terek will return to their bed. “The water level has not dropped, on the contrary — has risen. Now settling down leading dorgu, Terga [Terek. — note] changed its course. Terga itself now poses a much greater danger,” he said.

As writes “Interfax” with reference to Georgian media, the closure of gathering powerful mudflow plot Georgian Military road is the only current land route connecting Georgia with Russia, has created serious problems for the export and import of goods between the two countries.

The head of the company “Kakhetian traditional winemaking” Zurab Chkhaidze told that the company’s products and excise, “so the documentation always indicated that the place of crossing the Georgian-Russian border is the customs check item “Kazbegi-Top Lars”. “On this basis, we are now in the standby mode, the possibility to transport products to the territory of Russia”, — he noted

Head added that in the two days that the road is closed, the company planned to load up to 15 trailers of wine products that had to be cancelled. “If this situation will last two to three weeks, it will seriously affect our exports,” said Chkhaidze.

Georgian exporters said that if within a week the road will not be restored, you’ll have to use detours for the supply of products in Russia. In particular, through Azerbaijan or aircraft, which are costly.

Through Azerbajain, according to the Agency, had to go to trailers with peaches and nectarines “the Company of Georgian fruit” bound for Russia. “There is a time factor, because this road is 1,000 kilometers long,” said the sales Manager of the company Soso Manjavidze.