Billionaire George Soros earned on Brexit

American billionaire George Soros, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $24.9 billion (23rd place in the global ranking of billionaires), was able to profit on the results of the referendum on UK membership in the European Union, said Monday the Agency Reuters with reference to the official representative of the financier.

The representative of the Soros noted that the billionaire earned on the decline of the pound, and “other investments”. What investments and what profit is it, he said.

The press Secretary also stressed that Soros speculated on the pound, when before the referendum “argued in favor of maintaining Britain’s membership in the European Union”. In fact, Soros bet on the appreciation of the pound, said the Agency interlocutor.

The comment of the representative of Soros is associated with the column of the billionaire, which was released in the British newspaper The Guardian two days before the vote, on June 21. In it, Soros wrote that, if the British will vote for the country’s withdrawal from the EU, the pound may fall more than 20%. Soros noted that the devaluation of the pound would be “stronger and more destructive” than the 15% depreciation 16 September 1992. That day, dubbed “black Wednesday”, Soros managed to earn by betting against the pound sharply collapsed.

In may of the statements of Soros Fund Management became known that George Soros’s Fund disposes of stock investments in USA, and instead invests in companies related to the gold market. In early June, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources wrote that George Soros, worried about the prospects of the world economy, began to personally manage operations on the financial market after the break.

In the referendum of June 23, 51,9% of Britons voted for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. After the announcement on Friday, the pound fell against the us dollar by more than 8%, showing the biggest one-day drop. At the same time gold has risen in price on 8% that became a record since March 2014.