The Ukrainian authorities responded to reports of problems with electricity

Messages on shortage of electricity in Ukraine is wrong, danger of blackout, allegedly forced the authorities to put into operation a gas / oil fired units thermal power plant, no, assured the energy Minister Igor Nasalik.

“While the Lord relish the situation that will come the collapse, people in the energy industry work. No blackout, no “all is lost” will not. The legacy left us uneasy, but we two months work, and do not chew snot. So today we have minus 2 thousand MW, as predicted in the early years, plus 2200, oil-gas blocks do not run in annual aid from Russia does not need,” wrote Nasalik on his page in the network Facebook.

According to the Minister, his Department was able to unblock the accounts of the company “Energoatom”, which enables to stabilize the operation of the company and the us company Westinghouse is ready to increase deliveries of fuel elements for nuclear power plants and to begin construction of a Fuel producing plant. “Not as bad as predicted, “dear friends,” — said the head of Ministry of Ukraine.

On the eve of the Ukrainian TV channel “24” reported the occurrence in the power system of Ukraine deficit of 2000 MW, which in the case of further growth of consumption can lead to rolling blackouts and accidents. According to the channel, to rescue the situation on the Ukrainian TPP began to burn expensive gas, in particular, it was decided to include the oil-gas blocks in Tripoli and Zaporizhzhya TPP. “Another month of this “work” — and Ukraine formally again be forced to import electricity from Russia. Formally, the maximum amount of the flow of electricity from Russia reaches 1000 MW. Practically, this means that Ukraine imports electricity from Russia, but modest on calls it flow,” — said the TV channel “24”.

On the launch of the oil-gas blocks in Tripoli and Zaporizhia thermal power plants, as well as block heat and power plants in Kiev and Kharkov last week and said the state company “Ukrenergo”. “If necessary, Ukraine is ready to provide assistance to power systems of neighboring countries,” — noted in the message “Ukrenergo”.

On Monday Russian media reported that the Ukrainian energy sector has turned to Russia for supplies of electricity within the framework of technical assistance. According to “Kommersant”, delivery in Ukraine electricity from Russia in this mode will cost Kyiv about a third more expensive than a commercial contract for 2016 is not renewed.

At the end of 2015 Ukraine has stopped importing electricity from Russia. As explained then that the company “Ukrenergo”, demands the United energy system of Ukraine are covered by their own generation.

24 June 2016 the state company “Ukrenergo” and the Ministry of energy appealed to consumers with a request to save electricity, to give up, despite the heat, the regular use of air conditioners and are less likely to include other household appliances.

“Today, more than ever, you need to understand our consumers, their support the maximum reduction of consumption of electric energy in the hot days of July and August that will provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply”, — noted in the message of Ministry of Ukraine.