Crimean authorities said the failure of the sabotage in the Kerch Strait

The coordinator of the blockade of the Crimea Lenur islyamov was preparing acts of sabotage in the Kerch Strait to interrupt ferry service between the Peninsula and mainland Russia. About it to Agency “RIA Novosti” said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbec.

“He planned to block the path of the ships and ferries in the Kerch Strait special scattered long steel cables,” said Balbec. According to him, they “could become entwined in the propeller and lead to tragedy,” he added.

Ruslan Balbec said that the video footage about the training of sabotage brought the coffee. He “fraudulently got into the volunteer battalion of Islyamova,” the Agency reports paraphrase the words of Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea. But after he learned about the preparation of the operation, he returned to the Crimea and surrendered.

Earlier, on Sunday, the NTV channel showed a story in which a reporter meets with a man called Ernest by Ablesimov, “the former fighter of the Crimean Tatar nationalist battalion behalf of Noman Çelebicihan”. Ernest gave a CD with video training, during which pilots practised carrying out acts of sabotage.

The footage, which showed the channel, you can see how three men sail on the ship. On Board are ropes with floats. In the story Ablyazimov said that then realized that it would be “the blockade of the Crimea, a terrorist act”. “Steel rope 20 metres in length every two meters he was impaled float, throwing into the sea it will be like an obstacle, it will be in the upper layer of water go to a certain place,” — said in the story Ablyazimov. On Board were 60 pieces for 20 meters cables, added Ablyazimov.

The sea Ernest Ablyazimov “held in early June”. During the sabotage the ship did not come, “about 40 miles to the port of Genichesk” due to a broken engine, he added. The story also says that after this Ablyazimov under the pretext of desire to “visit his family” went to the Crimea and on the border control asked for protection from Russian border guards”.

To make a naval blockade of Crimea Lenur islyamov threatened in December 2015. “The blockade will be more and Kerch ferry, let them [the Russian authorities] not Excel and I don’t think we won’t be able to do,” he said.

Lenur islyamov was previously head of the coordinating headquarters for the blockade of the Crimea during the grocery siege. Then the activists were not allowed to enter the Ukrainian Peninsula of trucks with goods and products. He also took part in an energy blockade of the Crimea — in particular, he has read the conditions of access of repairers to blow up the transmission lines leading to the Peninsula.

In December 2015, against Lenura Islyamova in Crimea, a criminal case was initiated. He was charged in absentia for acts of sabotage. Then Lenur islyamov announced the creation of a Ukraine volunteer battalion, the name of Noman Çelebicihan. In January 2016, the FSB initiated a criminal case on the establishment of an illegal armed formation in the Kherson region of Ukraine.