Experts predicted the loss of gas stations because of record of stock prices for gasoline

The price of gasoline AI-92 on the eve of the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange increased by 0.36% to 42.3 thousand RUB per ton, which was an absolute record for all history of the auction, “Kommersant” writes. Gasoline AI-95 has risen in price for 0,32%, to 44.3 thousand rubles per ton. As the newspaper notes, in General, over the past week, gasoline rose in price by 2%.

According to Thompson Reuters Kortes, retail price of AI-92 from 20 to 24 June in Russia on average increased by 12 kopecks., to 34.9 rubles. per liter, AI-95 — 13 kopecks., to of 37.88 RUB. per liter. While the strongest growth was recorded in the Siberian and Central Federal districts.

“Gazprom oil”, according to “Kommersant”, raised the price of petrol at its gas stations in the capital region by about 20 COP At gas stations under the BP brand, which is operated by “Rosneft”, fuel AI-95 has risen in price for 2 copecks “Tatneft” has raised the prices for AI-92 by 13 kopecks, AI-95 — 18 COP At gas stations under the Shell brand gasoline has risen about 13 kopecks.per liter.

Consequence of the gap between soaring on a small wholesale cost of gasoline and insufficiently rapid adjustment of retail prices threatens loss of independent gas stations, experts say. “The record price for gasoline in the first half of the summer is a very negative scenario for the independent networks of the gas station. Judging by the current ratio of wholesale and retail prices, the independent [gas stations] have to sell gasoline at a loss for another two or three months”, — quotes the edition of the review Agency Analyst commodity markets”.

The Agency’s expert Mikhail Turukalov believes that the sharp rise in stock prices is associated with the actions of oil companies in artificial decline in sales.