Kiev will have to pay for electricity from Russia

Delivery in Ukraine electricity from Russia, which resumed in the mode of technical assistance, will cost Kyiv about a third more expensive than for commercial contracts, said on Monday the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to informed sources.

On Friday “Interfax” with reference to its sources reported that Kiev has asked Russia 600 MW of electricity under a regime of technical assistance. In the “System operator UES” (Manager of the unified energy system of Russia) to the edition have confirmed it, adding that 600 MW is the maximum volume of deliveries in the mode of technical assistance.

The reason for this step, as reported, was the jump in electricity consumption due to the high temperatures and mass including air conditioning. However, the number of units continues with the repair works, work is southern-the Ukrainian nuclear power plants is limited due to lack of cooling capacity. In addition, from June 1 stopped coal supplies from Donbas.

By the end of 2015 Kiev has stopped the import of electricity from Russia. As explained then that the company “Ukrenergo”, demands the United energy system of Ukraine are covered by their own generation.

How long Ukraine will continue to energynorth in the mode of breakdown is not reported. However, according to sources, the Russian electricity costs in Kiev are quite expensive. According to the source, about a third more expensive than for commercial contracts.

A year ago, Kiev has been in a similar situation. The sources estimated the value of emergency supplies then of $0.07–0.08 per 1 kW·h. as a result, Ukraine has chosen to return to the import for commercial contracts with inter RAO UES” (the holding company for the year exported to Ukraine of 2.46 million kWh to 5.6 billion rubles).

Now, however, Kiev has no such possibility, as export contract to 2016, the parties did not renew.