Putin and Medvedev caught up in the election program of United Russia

Government to the rescue

On Monday at the Congress of “United Russia” will take pre-election program. The draft document is available , its authenticity was confirmed by a source close to the leadership of the party. The program is written in 111 pages, it is entitled “the Success of each the success of Russia”. Below is another slogan: “Hearing people will be able to do.”

The document starts with an appeal to the citizens of Russia, followed by eight thematic chapters — “the Quality of government”, “Economics growth and welfare”, “Social policy”, “Smart power and cultural leadership”, “a Healthy future”, “to Be master in his own house” (housing), “agricultural superpower” and “Justice and security for the world and for Russia”. In each Chapter, the authors first list the achievements of Russia in recent years in this area, and then have new offers.

At the end of the document the party once again appeals to citizens, including with the request to come to the polls. The program ends with the slogan “Hear the voice of everyone is our responsibility!”, “To act in the interests of the people is our job!”, “To create and secure the future of Russia!”.

The program was rewritten several times, it worked initially as a specially crafted program Committee (Executive Secretary — Vice-speaker of the state Duma Andrey Isaev), and then close to the Kremlin experts, says a source close to the party leadership. In mid-June a preliminary version was presented to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting of the program Commission. The proposed version was replete with quotes of Vladimir Putin. The epigraph to the heads served his statements, and the text constantly references to the assignments or speeches of the President. The leader of the party, Medvedev was mentioned much less frequently. For example, in the Chapter on economic policy, his name appeared only once, and the government has not mentioned even once. Putin’s name sounded eight times. In the Chapter on government Prime Minister did not exist.

After the document was presented to the head of the government in the same form it was sent back for revision, he said on condition of anonymity, the United Russia. According to him, last week worked on it already in the party, and in the White house.

The final version of the program — a collaboration between Medvedev and the party leadership, said the press Secretary of the Chairman of the government Natalia Timakova. “It is the Prime Minister praised those provisions of the program, which directly concerned the government,” she added. Program Committee defined common position, said Timakova.

The program is the result of the consolidated work program Commission, the presidential administration and the government, because of this turned out to be verified, said inbound to the Commission a political scientist and member of the Supreme Council of the party Dmitry Orlov.

Medvedev, instead of Putin

The resulting according to the results of edits in the White house document differs significantly from previous versions. All pre-Chapter epigraphs by Putin’s remarks disappeared. But there is a quotation that precedes the appeal to the Russians. Now this is the statements of two people: Vladimir Putin (“Our country has repeatedly proven that it is able to implement large-scale projects…”) and Dmitry Medvedev (“We love our country, believe in her, believe in the potential of our people”). In the same appeal, United Russia reported on the strategic course for the development of Russia as a sovereign state, which is consistently pursuing President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev.

In General, the authors checked the references of the two leaders. The names of Putin and Medvedev meet throughout the document eight times. The word “President” (including in the context of presidential instructions) occurs 28 times, the word “government” (and separately, and in combination with “Prime Minister”) — 22 times.

In some cases, the authors simply replaced the Putin Medvedev. “Consistently implements the policy of the President to improve the political system”, — was stated in the old version of the program. In an edited document, the phrase sounds differently: “consistent implementation of initiatives to improve the political system with which the leader of the party Dmitry Medvedev made in 2011.

Appeared constant reference to the actions of the government. “The party supports the position of the President and the government: it is unacceptable to shift the burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the people”, — stated in the economic Chapter. There sounds the phrase: “Thanks to the work of the government and the “United Russia” for implementation of “road maps” National business initiative, business conditions Russia has seriously moved up in the rankings of the world Bank.

Because of the constant rewriting of different departments, the program had not been discussed in the regions, according to two United Russia. At the June meeting of the programme Commission discussed that the document should traditionally be deployed for discussion, but it ended too late, said one of the interlocutors.

More abstractions

In prior version of United Russia promised to reduce inflation to 4% per year. In the latest edition of chosen a more vague wording: “the United Russia” considers as a priority the task of consistently declining inflation in the country up to the level typical for most developed and developing countries”. Specific percentage is not given.

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Suggestions to “take action” or to develop something in the future meet in the program constantly. “To take additional measures on increase of efficiency of regional programs of capital repairs”, — said in the Chapter on utilities. “To develop specific measures to support the export of agricultural products and products of its processing”, is in the agricultural section.

The program “United Russia” is certainly meaningful to the eagles. It can be thought of as a strategy of power, and as the plan of legislative work, he said.

Reduce taxes and to abandon the currency

In the medium term, the party proposes to implement to reduce the aggregate tax burden. “From the tax system will be excluded the factors that reduce the effectiveness of the planning of the tax burden” — promise to United Russia. In addition, they offer tax incentives for non-extractive industries, especially for enterprises developing new technologies.

To increase confidence in the ruble, the need to reduce inflation, and reduce the impact of foreign currencies, including the dollar and the Euro, said in the program. How to do this, the authors do not explain. They only promise to make the use of the ruble in the transactions of the EEU and in the calculations with the BRICS countries, as well as offer “to develop and adopt measures in order to move on to the national currency was more profitable, and to use it more safely and securely.”

Detractors and friends

“The future must be protected, not allowing him to destroy the enemies, within the country and outside,” — said in the appeal to the voters. Learn more about the international situation stated in the Chapter “Justice and security for the world and for Russia”. “Not many States are able to conduct a truly independent foreign policy, anyone not looking back. — Russia”, — the document says.

At the same time Russia is open to dialogue, as to single-handedly deal with all the challenges difficult, the authors say. United Russia promised to work on the normalization of relations with the European Union. “Artificial pause in recent years, in partnership with the EU has damaged both Russia and the EU. And most importantly — stability and confidence in our continent. Although the way out of the situation is simple: “less politics, more Economics”, according to party members. The program says about the need to cooperate with US. About the relations with Ukraine, the United Russia party say the same thing — insist on the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev.

The Congress of “United Russia” held on 26 and 27 June. All important decisions are taken on the second day, when Russia will arrive Putin and Medvedev. In addition to this, the party members put the election list. It will be headed by Prime Minister Medvedev, but he is listed in the Federal part of the electoral list, told me earlier interlocutors in the party. The other candidates in the state Duma will be included in the affinity group, there will be about 40. 19 of them will lead the current governors.