TFR called a legal suit filed against Governor White

The criminal case against the Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh was instituted lawfully, and the received money is “a banal bribe.” This broadcast of “Vesti FM” said the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin.

“In this case the initiation of proceedings is not contrary to law, and all actions that were made before the arrest and during detention,” — said Markin (quoted by TASS).

On the illegality of criminal prosecution of White-said “Kommersant” his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. The lawyer recalled that the current wording of article 447 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation (the categories of persons subject to special procedure of proceedings in criminal matters) started in a time when governors were appointed by the President. Thus, after the position was again elected, no changes in the criminal procedure code have been made.

Markin in conversation in the “Vesti FM” said that under the special order of excitation of Affairs fall deputies of the state Duma, members of Federation Council, Chairman of the accounting chamber, investigators, lawyers. “But among the list of persons with special legal status no governors,” he stressed.

TFR spokesman also commented on the words of the investigator, who spoke in Basmanny court during the restraint White. Then he said that the Governor does not deny receiving money, but said that they were intended for the needs of Kirov.

“Steal like an adult, and make excuses like children. See, he didn’t have time to think of something, said the first. Might as well say that the money he has taken to help pensioners, children,” said Markin. According to him, White is an officer and has no right to take the money.” “The investigators have no doubt that it was a simple bribe. It is everyone’s right to believe, not believe, but that doesn’t change the fact”, — concluded the representative of the RCDS.

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Markin said the lack of communication proceedings against the Governor of the Kirov Alexei Navalny, who was assistant White in 2009. “And here Bulk? White is his own man. He took the decision”, — said the representative of the RCDS.

During the interview, Markin also confirmed that the money received White was the third part of a bribe. “The last €150 thousand he received for this meeting”, — he said. First this information is disseminated the source of “RIA Novosti” reported that in the package that took the Governor, were €150 thousand and a bottle of wine.

According to investigators, a total of bribe, which White received personally and through intermediaries amounted to €400 thousand in Return he was to help the briber and controlled them JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” (NFI) and Forest management company” (BOW).