The Bank of China lowered the yuan to its lowest level in five and a half years

As reported by Reuters, in early trading, the Central Bank of China set the Renminbi to the level of 6,6528 for a dollar that became a minimum level since December 2010.

In the course of trading the dollar was near the mark in 6,6512 yuan, but by the middle of the trading session the American currency weakened to 6,6480.

Against this background, the Chinese stock index Shanghai Composite as of 05:40 GMT, down 0.5% to the level of 2881 points.

On 26 June, the head of the Ministry of Finance of China Lou Zziwa predicted that the effects of Brexit will appear in 5-10 years. Market reaction significantly decreased after news of the results of the referendum in the UK, he called the hasty.