The Kremlin has said it is “unpredictable time” after the referendum on Brexit

The last UK referendum on Brexit has led to the occurrence of an “unpredictable time”. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports .

Peskov said that Brexit compare with the collapse of the Soviet Union would be inappropriate. “Russia is a country that has gone through very difficult periods of its history, was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many clearly remember the collapse of the Soviet Union, a time of uncertainty. Of course, here to draw direct Parallels would be unwise. But unpredictable time, it is obvious”, — he stated.

Press Secretary of the President noted that Brexit “there are more questions than answers”. “And not only us but also the British, and in Brussels,” — said Peskov. In Moscow, he said, fix the opposite point of view on the beginning of negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU and their format.

Answering the question of whether to admit the Kremlin the preservation of Britain in the EU, Peskov said that the Russian authorities do not make predictions on this issue. “We do not allow, this is absolutely none of our business <…> We calmly fix, including decisions made in Scotland. Record the statements of the British Parliament. It is based on this, we say that the situation is unclear and unpredictable,” he concluded.

The press Secretary also drew attention to the “specific application of consequences” the last referendum. “President Putin in Tashkent said that the impact of Brexit we already feel. This refers to the reaction of market volatility, the drop in the key indices,” said he.

During a conversation with journalists, Peskov also asked whether Russia is ready to conclude a separate trade agreement with Britain. What will be the legal acts and agreements, this question is not answered neither in London nor in Brussels. Probably, we can’t answer”, — said the press Secretary of the President, Recalling that the EU remains the main trade and economic partner of Moscow.

The head of the British foreign office on Friday said that Vladimir Putin, in his view, was relieved from the victory of eurosceptics in the referendum. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called it a “medical event.” The Kremlin also results called internal affair of the EU.