The media learned about selling weapons to the CIA to the Syrian rebels on the black market

That weapons supplied CIA and Saudi Arabia for several years in Jordan and destined to the Syrian rebels, in fact, got on the black market, reports The New York Times, citing U.S. and Jordanian officials. The security services of Jordan systematically stolen weapons destined for the rebels, and the money from his sale bought expensive SUVs, iPhones and luxury goods, said the publication of an unnamed Jordanian officials.

Part stolen, and got on the black market of weapons used, in particular, in a November attack on a training camp in Amman, which killed three American soldiers, said the NYT sources.

As the newspaper notes, the black market got Kalashnikov rifles, antitank grenade launchers and mortars worth “millions of dollars”.

The Jordanian Minister of media relations Mohammed al-Momena rejected any allegations of staff of the Jordanian intelligence in the theft of weapons. CIA spokesman declined to comment.

The program under the code name “sycamore” on arming Syrian rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad, was launched by the CIA in conjunction with the intelligence services of several Arab States in 2013. The details of the program and its budget are classified. As the NYT notes referring to the American official sources for the last three years training under the programme have been thousands of Syrians.

In this case, as the NYT notes, the program “sycamore” existed separately from a special programme to train Syrian rebels Pentagon. If in the second program, the Syrian forces have prepared to fight with the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), the program “sycamore” focused on the fight against government troops.

In October 2015, the Pentagon announced the closure of its training camps for training Syrian rebels in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. As counted in the November edition of USA Today, the preparation of a rebel within the programme on creation of “the New Syrian force” spent $2 million According to the Pentagon, to prepare a rebel spent $30 thousand