The Minister of defence of Georgia has abolished conscription

The Minister of defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli signed a decree on the abolition of military service on an appeal, by signing the orders bypassing Parliament, reports

“We tried legislatively to decide the question of total prohibition of compulsory recruitment into the Armed forces — this did not happen. But we managed to find an alternative in which I, as Minister of defense, can make that decision single-handedly and unilaterally”, — said the head of Department.

Khidasheli, speaking to reporters, stated that it “now signs the order, which comes into effect from today”.

In April Khidasheli stated that universal service may be withdrawn from 2017. “At least my Minister of defense, the decision is. If the Agency comes another head, of course, he may take a different decision,” she said (quoted by the “Georgia Online”).

In Georgia on 8 October will be held regular elections to the Parliament. According to the current edition of the Constitution, the party that wins the majority of votes, will have the right to propose a candidate Prime Minister and form a Cabinet.

Last week, mandatory conscription was restored in Lithuania. There the amendments will enter into force on 1 September. Every year for military service plans to attract 3.5–4 thousand people. Conscription in Lithuania was cancelled in 2008, but in February last year, the state Council decided to return it because of the worsening geopolitical situation in the region.