Competitor Kadyrov was in the party of entrepreneurs

About the plans of the head of the Chechen branch of the Party of growth, the business Ombudsman in Chechnya Idris Usmanov to participate in elections of the head of Chechnya told the Chairman of party Boris Titov.

This information was confirmed by a source in the regional branch of the party. According to him, Usmanov on Wednesday will nominate a regional conference of the party, after which work will begin on the registration of his candidacy to the electoral Commission of the Chechen Republic. Usmanov refused official comments before the nomination.

In the administration of the head of Chechnya, said Ramzan Kadyrov informed about Usmanov plans to nominate his candidacy in the presidential elections and wished him luck, said a source close to the leadership of the party.

Kadyrov has not yet announced about his nomination. A spokesman for Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov, declined to comment on the election of the President. “When he [Kadyrov] announced we will let you know” — he said.

In accordance with national legislation and the list of candidates for the position of head of Chechnya must be formed by July 4. While the nomination for election not announced any candidate.

Earlier, the representative of Chechnya in the Federation Council Ziad Sabsabi said that “no one has a chance of defeating Kadyrov.” If you are not 100%, about 98% of the population will vote for him, said the Senator.

President Kadyrov was appointed acting head of the Republic on March 25, shortly before the expiration of his term as head of Chechnya.

Usmanov was appointed the Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights in Chechnya in December 2013, according to the website of the Chechen Parliament. Prior to that, he was Vice speaker of the Chechen Parliament, which was elected in 2008 on the list of “United Russia”.

Wishing Kadyrov a happy birthday in his Instagram in October 2015, Usmanov praised his activities as the head of the Republic. “Under your strict guidance of our Republic, of course, blossomed. Excellent conditions for living in peace and harmony for the native land”, — he wrote.

The nomination of Usmanov’s not only a great promotion for Party growth and for Usmanov, but the service is Kadyrov, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “The party is quite respectable in this niche. The candidate will be able to speak with a positive agenda, to increase investment attractiveness and business development, not constituting a serious competition to Kadyrov,” — said the expert. According to Kalachev, the nomination of Usmanov indicates the presence of common themes and interests Kadyrov and Titov.

The Communists also soon plan to nominate. The main contender — the first Secretary of the Communist party of the Chechen Republican Committee Mahammad Akhmatov, said a Federal official familiar with the negotiations. Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, Duma Deputy Sergei Obukhov said that this is one of the options.

Presidential elections will be held in a single voting day, September 18, 2016. Chechnya is the only North Caucasus region, where the head is elected not by Parliament but by direct vote.