Erdogan predicted the rapid improvement of relations with Russia

As reported by Reuters, his position, Erdogan declared in Ankara. “I think we quickly normalize our relations with Russia and put an end to the current situation, which is disadvantageous to both sides,” he said.

According to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Erdogan’s statement was made in a live TV channel TRT.

The head of the Turkish government Binali Yildirim in his Twitter said that a telephone conversation between Putin and Erdogan on the crisis in bilateral relations could take place on 29 or 30 June.

Earlier on Monday the representative Erdogan said that Turkey and Russia have agreed to take the necessary steps to improve bilateral relations. This was done after President Vladimir Putin got a message of the Turkish President, in which he for the first time in seven months after the attack on su-24, apologized for the downed bomber. “I want to Express my sympathy and deep condolences to the bereaved family of the Russian pilot and say excuse me” — quoted the Kremlin received the document.

The representative Erdogan has confirmed that he appealed to Putin with a message and asked the relatives of the deceased pilot “forgive us.” “The President also called his Russian partners to restore the traditional friendly relations between Turkey and Russia to work together to solve regional crises, and jointly combat terrorism,” — said the representative of Erdogan.

Commenting on the message of the Turkish President, a source in diplomatic circles said that after the apology “may come up on the gradual abolition of sanctions against Turkey.” According to him, Moscow is also expected for beginning of the thawing of relations between Russia and Turkey. He recalled that the apology and the question of compensation for the death of the pilot were the main conditions put forward by Russia to the Turkish authorities for the resumption of relations.

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After the Turkish air force in November of last year shot down a Russian su-24, Moscow has imposed on Ankara a number of restrictive economic measures, including banned certain vegetables and fruits, as well as the sale of tours to Turkey tour operators.