Eyewitnesses said the details of the terrorist attack at the airport in Istanbul

According to the Ataturk airport, quoted by NBC News, he saw three suicide bombers at the airport. Another eyewitness told the publication that the first explosion was heard in the Parking lot, where one of the terrorists first opened fire from an AK-47, and then blew himself up. According to him, this time to the Parking lot ran from the security officers.

At the same time, another attacker blew himself up in the international arrivals area, and the third went to the information Desk in the terminal. He noticed the police and began to shout: “the Bomber!” They tried to stop the bomber, but failed and was rocked by another explosion, told NBC News.

Another witness, a tourist from South Africa, Paul Ross, said that he saw at the airport a terrorist. He and his wife were going to fly home, at the airport when the explosions occurred. “There was a guy who wandered in circles, he was dressed in black, and in his hand was a gun,” said Ross.

Video: Channel

The footage, which was posted on Instagram one being at that moment at the airport, you can see how people are hiding in the shop inside the airport.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the moments of the explosions.

According to recent reports, the attack on the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, which occurred on the evening of 28 June, killing 36 people. Another 147 were injured.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim said that the attack involved three suicide bombers, they came to the airport by taxi. All three attackers first opened fire, which brought with them, and then blew himself up. According to the Prime Minister, the Turkish authorities suspect that the attack is the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).