Lithuania urged not to ease sanctions against Russia after Brexit

Speaking at the UN, Linkevicius expressed fears that without a unified UK position on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions will weaken. In this regard, he proposed to “save what was not yet destroyed,” and not to rush the withdrawal from the EU, as demanded by France and Italy. Linkevicius noted that this position he coordinated with other Baltic countries and the Northern European States, said the Agency “Interfax”.

The Lithuanian Minister also criticized those EU countries that advocate a pragmatic and flexible approach in relations with Russia. In his opinion, such an approach is counterproductive.” “A response to ineffective sanctions can only be more sanctions,” — said the politician.

The UK has taken a tough stance against Russia, demanding not to allow exemptions to the full end of the conflict in Ukraine.

On 26 June, the British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond criticized the EU authorities, who declared the need of an early exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. Thus in Brussels expect to overcome the uncertainty that emerged after the referendum in which the majority of Britons were in favour of parting with the European Union.