Media reported on complaints of U.S. diplomats to Russian intelligence services

In his column in the opinions section published by The Washington Post, American journalist Josh Rogin argues that we are talking about harassment and bullying, which allegedly experiencing American diplomats and members of their families in Moscow and several European capitals.

According to Rogin, the last time in Washington was sent a series of secret memos from American diplomats, in which they complained about the pressure from the Russian intelligence and security services. Diplomats reported that the Russian secret service come to their home late at night to conduct an inventory of furniture and also switch on all the lights and TV, then left. While Rogin refers to the stories of former and current American officials who wrote and read these notes.

According to the author, the pressure on diplomats of the United States from the Russian security services is not something new. Citing several sources familiar with the reports of American intelligence, Rogin argues that in the years of the first presidency of Barack Obama an employee of the Russian special services allegedly broke into the house of the military attaché of the United States and killed his dog.

The journalist claims that the US Secretary of state John Kerry during his visit to Moscow in March was forced to directly ask President Vladimir Putin to stop pressure on American diplomats. Rogin cites the testimony of press Secretary of state Department of the USA John Kirby that the pressure on American diplomats from the security forces and police have intensified since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

Rogin also cites the testimony of former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, who claims that during his work in Moscow regularly subjected to surveillance. McFaul argues that the Obama administration decided not to use the same techniques against the Russian diplomats.

According to Rogin, now all the diplomats from United States, traveling to Europe, are instructed to counter pressure from the Russian security services.