Naryshkin called “stupid” the position of Turkey’s leadership

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin has called a positive step the apology from Turkey for the downed Russian su-24, but finds it strange that this step was not followed immediately in November. “Obviously, we must admit that this is a positive move by the political leadership of Turkey. It is strange that this step was not done from the beginning, in the month of November, when the crime was committed against Russian soldiers,” — said Naryshkin in broadcast television channel “Russia 24”, reports “Interfax”.

“What was the reason? We can only speculate the motives may be several, first of all, the realization that this stupid position of the political leadership of Turkey put the country in a very difficult position,” said Naryshkin. He also admitted that the apology could be due to political pressure the other partners of Turkey”.

Naryshkin expressed the opinion that the letter of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the downed su-24 can be seen as repentance, but it is difficult to assess his sincerity. “As far as they are sincere, it is difficult to speak, it needs to penetrate the brain of the one who wrote it, and, anyway, who made the decision about the preparation and sending of the Russian letters”, — said Naryshkin.

On 27 June, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov reported that Erdogan sent a letter to Putin, in which the Turkish leader had offered condolences for the death of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov in the downed su-24. Peshkov was shot from the ground by the rebels after ejected from the downed su-24. The incident occurred on 24 November 2015. According to Ankara, the Russian su-24 violated the territorial air space of Turkey. Russian defense Ministry denies violation of the borders of Turkey and claims that the plane was shot down in Syria.

Before the press-Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin confirmed the authenticity of the message of Erdogan. At the same time, wrote Reuters, he added that Erdogan expressed regret is not an apology. On Tuesday, the Turkish Anadolu news Agency, citing a source close to Erdogan said that the letter did not contain a single word of “apology” for the downed Russian plane.

On Tuesday, Peskov confirmed that the Russian translation of the letter of Erdogan meets Turkish text and called the message of Erdogan to Putin “very important step” toward normalization of relations. He also noted that the understanding of the letter of the President of Turkey does not require any linguistic subtleties. There is the word “sorry”, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia.