Reuters reported victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul foreigners

Affected by a series of explosions at the airport in Istanbul mainly citizens of Turkey, a source told Reuters. According to him, the Turks among the victims — “the vast majority”. However, according to him, several people — foreigners.

More detailed data about the nationality of the victims, the source Agency has not resulted.

The terrorist attack at the airport of Istanbul occurred the evening of June 28. According to various sources, atatürk airport, was heard two to three explosions. The government reported two suicide bombers exploded at the metal detector. Before to blow themselves up, they entered a shootout with the police. Responsibility for the explosion has not yet assumed none of the terrorist organizations, however, the source Agency in the police Doran reported that police believe responsible for the attack of militants LIH (banned in Russia). The explosion killed at least 28 people, injured 60.