Scotland and Gibraltar began to discuss options to maintain the membership in the EU

Gibraltar and Scotland have begun discussions on the development of a plan that could allow these parts of the UK remain in the European Union. About this bi-Bi-si has told the chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo.

According to Picardo, he discussed with the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon of different options for conservation in the EU. This discussion may also be joined by Northern Ireland, where the people also voted against Brexit.

“I can imagine a situation in which part of the States that are included in the UK out of the EU, and others remain,” said Picardo. According to him wishing to stay in the Union territories do not have to re-apply for EU membership.

“We just have to stay with the access that we have now and the parts that are leaving the EU will have some other access that is not necessary to agree on 50-th article,” — said the Minister. St.50 of the Lisbon Treaty of 2007 regulates the exit of countries from the EU.

As marks Bi-bi-si, the precedent has already created Greenland. This area in 1979, gained autonomy from Denmark, which, in turn, in 1973 joined the European economic community, which is one of the predecessors of the EU. In 1985, following a referendum, Greenland withdrew from the EEC.

Against Brexit voted 95% of the electorate of Gibraltar, the vast majority also doesn’t want to secede from the UK. According to Picardo, the preservation of Gibraltar’s status as a British overseas territory should not mean the rejection of EU membership.

“The position of the people of Gibraltar that we have expressed perhaps even more clearly the Scots, is that we must continue to have access to the single EU market. My duty is to protect and promote the interests of Gibraltar and to look for partners who want to do the same in the UK,” concluded Mr. Picardo.

Chief Minister of Gibraltar, also commented on the statements of Spanish authorities, who have declared their intention to pursue the transition of the territory under co-management. “Anyone who thinks that now is the time to invite the United sovereignty, or hopes to get at least a millimeter of benefits in respect of our sovereignty, it is not right,” said Picardo.

At the end of last week, the government of Scotland said that will do everything possible to save the space in the EU, threatening to veto a law on the UK’s exit from the Union. The first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon not excluded that the country will hold a second referendum on independence. However, the survey showed, the majority of Scots oppose this initiative.

On last June 23, a referendum eurosceptics won, receiving 51.8% of the votes. For withdrawal from the EU expressed the majority of people in England and Wales. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted against Brexit.