The authorities in Karelia told about ignoring their complaints at the camp on the Syamozero

Colleagues warned

Ombudsman for children of Republic of Karelia Oksana Starshova said that city officials did not pay attention to the many complaints “the Park hotel “Syamozero in Karelia. About his communication with the Department of labor and social protection of Moscow, the Ombudsman said on Tuesday, June 28, at a round table in “the parliamentary newspaper”.

As told Starshova, in the summer of 2015 after complaints from parents of children who had a rest in Park-hotel “Sjamozero”, she decided to personally verify compliance with the camp sanitary-epidemiological norms. After the audit Starshova complained about the conditions of detention of children in the camp to Prosecutor’s office of Karelia and the local CPS, was sent to treatment and the Department of labor and social protection of Moscow. The response from officials was not, and then Starshova decided to call in the Department of the capital to, in her words, to notify the organizer of the stay about where they send their children. In 2015, said the children’s Ombudsman of the Republic of Karelia, in the camp were only three children from the Republic, and the rest came in Syamozero from other regions, including from Moscow.

“And you know what they told me in the Department? I got the answer that the Department is satisfied with everything,” said Starshova. That Karelian officials have previously complained about the camp to various authorities, including the Department of labor and social protection of Moscow, said during a round table the Minister of social protection, labour and employment of Karelia Olga Sokolova. According to her, employees of the Ministry of “all last summer doing” camp on the Syamozero, went there with on, and by the end had complained to the regulatory agencies.

About the crash of the two boats and the raft, which floated Syamozero 51 people (47 pupils of children’s camp counselors and four), became known on June 19. Students left the camp and was caught in a storm, in the crash killed 14 children. Upon death criminal case, arrested the Director to organize the rest of OOO “Park-hotel “Sjamozero” Elena Reshetova and her Deputy, Vadim Vinogradov. They are accused of providing services that do not meet safety requirements. Also arrested on charges of negligence, the head of the Karelian Rospotrebnadzor Anatoly Kovalenko

Audit of the Department

The Department of social protection of Moscow was one of the main customers of vouchers for students to camp on the Syamozero, follows from the data of the procurement website: over the past five years the camp was to provide 5885 children’s trips on the change of 14-21 days, of which 4111 — Moscow students. For most of the contracts were provided vouchers for children in “difficult situations” and “in need of social services. Permits children caught in a storm, also ordered the Department of social protection confirmed the official representative of Department . At the auction, as found earlier, “the Park hotel “Syamozero” virtually no competitors, and for three years, the company has never lost to in any competition. After the criminal case, investigators have carried out searches in the offices of the Department of labour and social protection of Moscow. The investigators were interested in all documents associated with the camp.

The employee a press-services of the Department of labor and social security said Tuesday that any complaints or appeals, and calls to respect “the Park hotel “Syamozero” in Department did not arrive. All children and recreation organization engaged in the contractor — administration recreation were also received on June 24, the response of the Department of social protection of Moscow on request . The contractor is responsible for the life and health and the commitment to inform immediately on violations, and safety concerns for travelers. In may—June in the camp was attended by five chaperones from the subordinate organizations of the Moscow Department of any violations on the part of the camp administration not reported. On the contrary, was received “documentary evidence” about the satisfactory quality of the holiday (travel arrangements, accommodation, all guides, meals, medical support, etc.), said in response to the press-service of the Department. Wasn’t the Department and information on penalties and the Supervisory authorities identified irregularities in respect of LLC “Park hotel “Syamozero” from the first day of arrival until the moment of the tragic incident was received and information on complaints about the quality of health events or problems from accompanying parents”. Provide a new comment on Tuesday evening the Department was unable.

Immediately after the tragedy, the head of the Department of labour and social protection of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan has ordered to check all the Russian camp, where city officials sent children to rest. Representatives of the Department, consisting of eight of the commissions went to the Crimea and Adygea, Yaroslavl, Ryazan and Smolensk regions, where spending 13 health organizations, said in the Department.

In the Public chamber (OP) Russia is convinced that the city officials should be punished along with the leaders of the camp. “The worst thing is if the Department of social protection of Moscow will take responsibility — expressed concerns member OP Georgiy Fedorov. The contract with the Moscow Department of the Park hotel “Syamozero” signed on behalf of the Department Deputy head, Tatyana Barsukova, drew the attention of Fedorov, stating that violations of the procurement could be one of the causes of the tragedy.

Fedorov has noticed that Barsukov participated in the primaries of “United Russia” and plans to participate in the elections to the state Duma in September of this year Medvedkovskoe one-mandatory district of Moscow (on the eve of the Congress of United Russia adopted its candidate). “This person can become a member! I ask following the meeting to support the petition demanding law enforcement agencies to make Barsukov to criminal responsibility”, — concluded Fyodorov. In a resolution on the results of the round table about the criminal case has not been told.