The court fined the cellist for unauthorized rally in Moscow

The Tver court of Moscow has fined on 10 thousand roubles cellist Seeds Lashkina, the press Secretary of the court Anastasia Jurco. According to her, Laskin was found guilty in organization of mass simultaneous stay of citizens in public places” (paragraph 1 of article 20.2.2) of the code). The maximum penalty for this article is 20 thousand rubles. or arrest for 15 days.

Himself Laskin at the hearing said he intends to appeal the court ruling. “Didn’t know that playing the cello on the street can break the law,” — said the cellist.

The musician was arrested June 20 on Nikolskaya street. As reported on his page in Facebook Manager of Radio Kamerger, which plays Laskin, Olga Openok, the musician played and sang, after which he was approached by law enforcement officers. “By the time the police came, we were about to leave, — noted the Tint. The picture empty streets the police didn’t stop. Threatening to take by force the police planted a Seed with the cello in the car and was taken to the police”.

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Police confiscated laskina cello. As told by the musician in the court, the age of the instrument Dating back 150 years. The cello was returned on June 27.

In the Protocol of administrative detention by the police indicated that the young man’s game “might interfere with the movement of pedestrian traffic on the street Nikolskaya, Dom 15, and prevented the access to the infrastructure home.