The Federation Council refused to withdraw the anti-terrorism package Spring

The Federation Council at session on Wednesday has refused to withdraw the anti-terrorism package prepared by Irina Yarovaya, reports .

For the removal of the package voted 16 senators 108 against, and 11 abstained. The proposal was submitted by Senator Anton Belyakov due to be sent to the Federation Council of requests from the business Ombudsman Boris Titov and mobile operators.

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko noted that a fair position would be to discuss a package of amendments. She recalled that, if the review of the law will be removed from the agenda, they will be sent directly to the signature of the President,” quoted.

“To get away from the consideration of the question would have been easier, but this is wrong,” — said Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. According to her, “you would hide your head in the sand”, however, the law is “resonant” and “delicate” for society, so it would be right to discuss it.

“This position is more honest, more open, than just walk away from the consideration of the question, — quotes TASS Matviyenko. — So it would be easier, but not quite correctly, in my view,” she concluded.

The “big four” mobile operators this week asked the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko not to take “anti-terrorist” package, approved by the Duma. MTS, “Megaphone”, “Vympelcom” (“Beeline”) and Tele2 stated that the requirements of the law are impractical from both a technical and an economic point of view. The bill requires Telecom operators and Internet companies since July 1, 2018 will be required to store the content of phone calls and correspondence to users in a period of up to six months

Reject the anti-terrorism package called the head of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov. He said he intends to make such a request to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to Fedotov, to return to the “Spring law” after the elections, to enhance it effortlessly. “Rush is known to be good for catching fleas, but not when creating laws,” — said the head of the HRC.

Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov appealed to Vladimir Putin to extend the transition period for the entry into force of amendments to the law On trade prepared by the Spring. Retailers warned that will not have time to prepare the necessary changes and it could face supply disruptions