The FSB will be engaged in business about beating of opposition activists in St. Petersburg

The bizarre attack

The Federal security service will monitor the progress of the case of attacks on opposition activists in St. Petersburg, said two sources familiar with the investigation materials. According to them, the investigation will continue to be employees of the interior Ministry and the FSB will covertly monitor and, if necessary, will assist in the operational support of the case. The attention of the FSB to the point due to the great importance of this investigation, says one of the interlocutors .

I wrote “Fontanka” in St. Petersburg there were at least seven attacks on the opposition, publish in social networks critical posts about the government. Information about the activists was posted on the website (“who is Who”) and gathered information about users critical of the government. According to the newspaper, these developments can be likened to a businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who Forbes called “the personal cook of the President”.

Russian service Bi-bi-si also wrote about the possible links of the attacks to the structures of Prigogine. The publication relied on data from hackers group “Anonymous international”, which, according to their own statement, issued a “drain” correspondence with people close to Prigogine. In the documents mentioned the website “Wineblogger”. Bi-bi-si writes that “Wikiblogger” and “who’s Who” posted the same text in the description of the sites is identical to the list of “targets” and the tactics of harassment.

On Friday, June 24, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin will not verify media reports about the attacks on activists. “Absolutely groundless some instructions, not based on the information given, how many ducks appear on the Internet; if every such information, to check can drive you crazy”, he said. Peskov said that the publication of the BBC “is also a seriousness and validity is different”.

Yevgeny Prigozhin has not responded to the request of the authors of the material. A source close to the restaurateur, said that the environment Prigogine aware of the growing interest on the part of law enforcement. He noted that in one of the structures close to the restaurateur, last week, even preparing for a possible search, which was planned in connection with the case about the beatings, but that did not take place.

asked for comments the office of internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the center of public relations of FSB. At the time of publication of the text in the departments are unable to respond quickly to requests.

Case of injury

After the attacks the police started pre-investigation checks, the results of which was a criminal case under article 115 of the criminal code (infliction of willful light damage to health), said the source familiar with the investigation. The case is Ministry of interior, officially it is not declared.

In the last few days investigators have intensified, and the victims began to call for re-questioning, was told by the administrator of the community, “Criminal power” in social network “Vkontakte” Alexander Markov. The attack on Markov, took place on 31 March at the entrance of his house. After that, he went to the police and gave testimony, but soon the police stopped checking on the statement. Last week, Markov the second time was summoned to testify in the management of Affairs of the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg and said that the investigation was resumed, but did not explain the reasons why it was done.

FSB is engaged in other business related to Prigogine. In late may, the police and operatives of the economic security Service FSB after a chase, stopped the motorcade of the restaurateur. I wrote “Fontanka”, in the guard of a businessman brought the case under article 318 of the criminal code (violence against a representative of authorities). Police are not officially commenting on the information about the initiation of an investigation under this article.

Prigogine has long been familiar with Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials. A member of the group associated with the businessman of companies “Concord catering” since the mid 1990-ies spent more than 15 thousand events and served more than 1.5 million visitors. Catering Prigogine used, for example, event organizers in St. Petersburg and the Davos economic forums and the forum Russia” of Sberbank. Firm “Concord M” is one of the main suppliers of power to control the Affairs of the President of Russia: in 2012-2015, the company signed 22 contracts worth about 128 million rubles.