The Netherlands described the conditions for the ratification of the agreement on Ukraine

“We need a legally binding decision that will settle all disputes in the Netherlands, which led to the referendum,” — said Rutte after the summit of EU leaders in Brussels, reports Reuters.

“What it will be, I don’t know yet. We may change the text [the Association agreement], or find a solution that will not require changes in the text of the Association agreement. I don’t know yet”, — said the Prime Minister.

“If I can’t achieve this, we will not sign the document,” — said Rutte.

The Netherlands is the only member state of the European Union that have not ratified the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. In April of this year, the country held a referendum in which 61% of the Dutch opposed the ratification.

Before the referendum Rutte admitted that the Dutch authorities can reverse its positive decision on the ratification of the document, if the inhabitants of the Kingdom will vote against it. Initially he supported the agreement, while the opposition campaigned against it.

The Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU consists of seven parts. In the document, in particular, spelled out the issues of mutual integration of the country into the EU in political, economic and other spheres. The political unit of the document were signed in March 2014, economic — in June of the same year.

At the moment the agreement was approved by the European Parliament, the Parliament and all the member countries of the EU, including the Netherlands. But finally it will come into force only after ratification by the EU Council, which brings together the 28 Ministers of the member countries.