The number of deaths at the airport in Istanbul has risen to 32

The victims of the attack on the Ataturk airport were 32 people, 106 people were injured, according to Turkish TV channel NTV. A senior source for the Associated Press, in turn, reported that the explosion killed about 50 people. A source to Reuters earlier reported that among victims there are foreigners.

The attack on the biggest airport of Turkey, Ataturk occurred on the evening of June 28. According to witnesses, on which refers to Reuters, in the building were heard two explosions, gunfire and another explosion. Earlier it was reported that two suicide bombers exploded frameworks of metal detectors in the international terminal of Ataturk.

At the place of work medics and police, roads around the airport were blocked off, people were in the building were evacuated. The government called an emergency meeting because of what happened.

Responsibility for the attack has not yet assumed none of the terrorist organizations, however, the source Agency in the police Doran reported that police believe responsible for the attack of militants LIH (banned in Russia).