The Pentagon has accused Russia of unsafe maneuvers near the U.S. Navy ships

Russian warship June 17 engages in “unsafe and unprofessional” maneuvers in close proximity of the two ships of the U.S. Navy, told Reuters a source in the Pentagon. A spokesman on condition of anonymity said that the Russian sister ship “fearless” was held to 315 yards (300 m) from the USS Gravely and at a distance of five nautical miles (9 km) from the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman in the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

A few hours earlier, the Russian defense Ministry reported about the dangerous rapprochement of the US destroyer Gravely with the Russian ship. The Ministry said that the American ship made a dangerous rapprochement with the Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” to 60-70 m on the left side and crossed the course of the movement of the ship at a dangerous distance of 180 m.

In the Russian Ministry also said that the incident “violates international rules and the Russian-American agreement of 1972 On the prevention of incidents at sea and airspace above it”.

Later in the Internet appeared the video of the rendezvous of the ships, where you can see how an American ship is almost across the Russian and then the left side goes to the course of “Yaroslav the Wise”.