The state Department confirmed the problems with American diplomats in Russia

Answering a journalist’s question about increased attention to the us diplomats by Russian intelligence, a spokesman for the State Department’s Elizabeth Trudeau said that in the last two years, recorded a significant increase of surveillance of diplomats and their harassment by the Russian security services and the traffic police. She promised that the US will react to such cases in accordance with international law.

Trudeau refused to discuss the information that representatives of Russian special services allegedly came to the diplomats later in the night they conducted an inventory of furniture. However, it noted that the situation with the Embassy staff, were discussed by Secretary of state John Kerry with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Trudeau said that the harassment of the diplomats may take place in different countries of the world, but she was unable to provide data, even where there were such cases. She also rejected the claim of the Russian side that the diplomats from Moscow in the USA were under pressure.

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On the eve of the American newspaper the Washington Post reported that diplomats from the United States have been harassed not only in Moscow but also in several other European capitals. The author of the article Josh Rogin claimed that in the years of the first presidency of Barack Obama an employee of the Russian special services allegedly broke into the house of the military attaché of the United States and killed his dog.

According to the author of the newspaper column, now all the diplomats from United States, traveling to Europe, are instructed to counter pressure from the Russian security services.