Turkey has declared its readiness to pay compensation for the downed su-24

In an interview with Turkish TV channel TRT Binali Yildirim stated that Turkey is ready to pay Russia compensation for the downed plane. According to him, it is necessary to end this pointless confrontation.

The Turkish Prime Minister said that on 29 or 30 June to be held a telephone conversation between the presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin regarding the settlement of bilateral relations.

Earlier on Monday the representative Erdogan said that Turkey and Russia have agreed to take the necessary steps to improve bilateral relations. This was done after President Vladimir Putin got a message of the Turkish President, in which he for the first time in seven months after the attack on su-24, apologized for the downed bomber. “I want to Express my sympathy and deep condolences to the bereaved family of the Russian pilot and say excuse me” — quoted the Kremlin received the document.

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Later, the Turkish President predicted a rapid improvement of relations with Russia after he expressed regret in connection with the situation with the downed Russian plane.

Russia immediately after the incident on the Syrian-Turkish border, have demanded Ankara apology and monetary compensation. Later, Moscow has repeatedly reiterated these requirements.

Turkey is ready to pay compensation for the downed su-24 Turkey is ready to pay compensation for the downed su-24 Video: Channel

After the Turkish air force in November of last year shot down a Russian su-24, Moscow has imposed on Ankara a number of restrictive economic measures, including banned certain vegetables and fruits, as well as the sale of tours to Turkey tour operators.