Volodin became the only official Kremlin United Russia in artspace

On Monday, the second day of pre-election Congress of “United Russia”, Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev called the names of people who without participating in the primaries will be included in the top ranks of the regional partspiskov candidates to the state Duma. As promised earlier, the party members in 19 regions, the lists will be headed by the most influential representatives of the regional governors. In addition, without the primaries extended, as expected, a well-known person: a Director, a longtime Deputy and the head of the election staff of Vladimir Putin Stanislav Govorukhin, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, the polar Explorer Arthur Chilingarov and the commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov.

The main surprise was the appearance in the list of high-ranking official — the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, the curator of internal policy Vyacheslav Volodin. As reported by Medvedev, he will run for the 15th district, which includes the Volgograd, Tambov, Penza and Saratov (native Volodin) region.

On state Duma elections 2011 regional lists of “United Russia” was headed by nine senior officials, Vice — premiers, Ministers and the head of the presidential administration (then the post was occupied with Sergey Naryshkin). Basically, this practice was not justified, said earlier a source in the party. For example, in Primorsky region (the list was headed by first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov) “United Russia” won with 33%, and local capital in Vladivostok received just over 20% and became the third after the Communist party and “Fair Russia”. In the Leningrad region (the list was led by Naryshkin), United Russia won about 35%, and in Krasnoyarsk region (headed by the then Minister for emergency situations Sergei Shoigu) is less than 37%.

Successful was only Vice-Premier Igor Sechin (led the list in the Stavropol region, where United Russia gained about 50%) and Vyacheslav Volodin (he headed the group in the Saratov region, the party won about 65%), indicated the source.

Participation in elections is a traditional thing for Volodin, he participated in all election campaigns of the “United Russia”, said the head close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky (in 1999, Volodin was part of the leadership of Fatherland, which in a few years was created by “United Russia”). According to Badovsky, Volodin will be in real campaigns to test how to work the political system from the point of view of respecting the principles of competitiveness, openness, legitimacy. The analyst stressed that in the party list included a number of people associated with the Russian popular front (onf). This and the co-chair of the onf Govorukhin and Volodin, who is a key figure for the presidential movements. This shows that for the President a bunch of the party and the onf important, said Badovsky.

A source in the presidential administration said that as far as he knows, Volodin is not going to go to the state Duma after the elections.