White called his arrest “a sham”

Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh, arrested last week on charges of taking bribes, said the incident “set up”. He stated this in an interview with the members of the PMC Zoya Light and eve marichevoy the visiting head of the region in the detention center, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

“I have to explain what happened, because this was a setup,” said White. He also reported that he began a hunger strike in order to obtain the necessary medications. The Governor added that he made a list of things he needs in jail, and waiting for a lawyer to he handed the list to his wife.

According to White, he also appealed to the investigator to permit a date with my wife. “I hope that will be allowed, I behave loyally,” he said.

The politician was arrested in a restaurant in Central Moscow on June 24. The investigative Committee has published photos from the scene of the arrest. They show himself Kirov Governor, and laid before him the stack of bills. On one of the security forces showed White that it on hands has a special composition, which notes were marked.

According to investigators, he personally and through intermediaries received €400 thousand in Return, the Governor was to “help the briber and controlled them JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” (NFI) and Forest management company (BOW), says Investigative Committee. The searches in this case took place in administration of the Kirov region.

White himself getting money does not deny, but asserts that they were intended for the needs of the city of Kirov, said the investigator in the Basmanny court, on Saturday, June 25, decided to arrest the Governor for two months. As explained later, the lawyer Sergey Teterin, White obtained the money was not a bribe, and “sponsorship urban extra-budgetary Fund for reconstruction of the Kirov region”.

Speaking in court, Kirov Governor has declared his innocence. “I need a success story [success story]: I want to prove that I have never taken, not taken and will not take bribes,” — said in court the White.