Astakhov will go into the holiday with the subsequent dismissal

According to two interlocutors in the Kremlin children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov before you leave, go on vacation. “Astakhov wrote a statement on vacation with the subsequent dismissal. In the coming days he will retire and will not return to my former work,” said one of the interlocutors.

Earlier, three sources close to the state Duma and the presidential administration, said that in the coming days Astakhov can retire. In the office of the Ombudsman this information is not confirmed. He Astakhov did not answer the phone all day.

The interlocutors said that the resignation will happen on the totality of the circumstances — because of the statement about “shriveled female”, bad communication with victims in Karelia children, as well as issues that arose from the anti-corruption Department of the Kremlin. A source close to the leadership of the Public chamber, said that another reason was regular trips to holiday abroad. He claims that last year he spent several months outside of Russia.