Exchange rate of the Euro fell below 71 RUB for the first time since December

Exchange rate of the Euro updated at least since the beginning of December 2015. As the findings of formal trading on the Moscow exchange, to 21:56 GMT, the Euro fell to the level of 70,92 RUB a Similar trend was observed in the pair rouble/dollar. The exchange rate of the American currency by 21:55 GMT showed a drop to RUB 64,1725

Last time exchange rate of European currency has broken down the mark of 71 rubles 2 December last year, falling to 70,453 RUB the last time the dollar was falling to a level of 23 June.

As of 22:11 MSK the Euro is back to around 71,02 RUB, the dollar returned to 64,235 RUB.

The strengthening of the ruble occurred against the background of rising prices for Brent crude by more than 3%.

On 28 June at the opening of trading, the dollar fell below 65 rubles per dollar. The Euro by 10:20 MSK fell to RUB of 71.70, falling by 54 kopecks. Futures for Brent oil for delivery in August rose in price to $47,94 per barrel, by 1.65%.

June 27, chief strategist at Swedish Bank SEB AB Per Hammarlund said that the ruble could become one of the most attractive currencies for investors after the referendum on the British exit from the EU. “The ruble looks good even in the longer term — 6-12 months, as oil should not be harmed by Brexit” — said the expert. Hammarlund also noted that in the short term Turkish Lira and South African Rand can also be attractive to investors.

June 23 in the UK held a referendum on Brexit, where the victory was won by the eurosceptics, scoring 51.9% of the votes. On the background of the voting world stock markets and many currencies declined. So, for the first time since 1985, the British pound fell below $1,35.