Experts called the world’s most attractive employers

The American Internet company Google retained leadership in the ranking world’s most attractive employers for students with the specialization “business” and “engineering/IT”, according to a new study (have) the company Universum, which is engaged in research in the field of employer branding.

As evidenced by a rating in the eyes of students of a direction “business” significantly increased the attractiveness of Apple. During the year, the iPhone and iPad maker moved from seventh to second place in the list. PricewaterhouseCoopers, last year occupied the second place, this time rounded out the top five. Third and fourth place, like last year, took the audit and consulting company Ernst & young and investment Bank Goldman Sachs. The top ten included Deloitte, Microsoft, KPMG, L’oréal and J. P. Morgan.

The first four lines in the ranking of preferences of students in the areas of “engineering/IT” have not changed. And in 2015, Microsoft has taken the second place on appeal, Apple is the third, the BMW Group is the fourth. IBM, in 2015, occupying the sixth place, up one line, leaving the GE (moved to sixth place). Next in the top ten attractive employers for students of this trend are Intel, Siemens, Samsung, Sony.

Manufacturers of consumer goods who have a strong associated with “lifestyle” brands feel better than others, the authors of the study. Adidas group has risen in the ranking of preferences of students of the specialty “business” on five rows — on 19-th place, but lost his debut in the ratings for Nike, which was on the 16th place. Group LVMH, which owns such brands as Bulgari, TAG Heuer, rose c 34th to 28th place.

Energy sector after the fall in the price of oil and gas has become significantly less attractive for the generation of the Millennium, the Universum. The top 50 most attractive employers for students of a direction “business” of energy companies were just Shell — she moved from 42 th to 48-th place. In the ranking for the students of the specialty “engineering/IT” Shell dropped from tenth to 14th place, ExxonMobil — from 18 th to 22-nd place BP from 36 th to 41.

Students with the specialization “business” and “engineering/IT” strive to find a balance between work and personal life is first in importance of career aspiration of students of both specializations in almost all countries, says Universum. Exceptions were Russia, where to students in these areas, a key objective of a stable and reliable employment as well as India, where more significant opportunity to build an international career.

In the Universum study involved more than 267 000 students from Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, India, Canada and Australia. To be ranked, companies must enter into 90% of the best employers in at least six countries. If the employer is not included in the list or not included among the 90% of the best employers in the country, he by default gets a place in the ranking, which is equivalent to the position of the last company among the 90% of the best employers in the market. The results are assigned weights according to the country’s GDP. The high position of the employer in the United States has more weight than a high position in India.

No Russian company to the global lists of the 50 most coveted employers were not included. Previously, Universum interviewed the Russian students, who called most attractive industries from the point of view of employment the public sector (18%), IT (16%) and media and advertising (15%). Ideal work students areas of “business” and “engineering/science” called “Gazprom”. The top five most attractive employers for students majoring in “business” also includes Google, “Gazprom Neft”, “Rosneft” and the BMW Group.