Import of alcohol in Russia was under threat

Import of alcohol in Russia was under threat

Moscow. June 30. From-for absence of excise marks of the new sample alcohol importers will face problems in the near future, said on Thursday “Kommersant”, citing a source.

Issuance of excise stamps of the old sample will be completed in the near future. While still not held a tender to select a contractor who will print the new stamps.

In this regard, the import of alcohol may be stopped, when will the marks of the old sample. Suppliers were in jeopardy of high season at the end of the year, when they sell up to half of the product. This can decrease revenues to the state budget.

The Union of importers of alcoholic beverages (SIAP) has planned to appeal to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

New stamps were issued from 1 July.

As explained “Kommersant” one of the participants of the market, between the results and marks the arrival of the goods into the country takes about three months. In this regard, importers can skip profitable season in October-December.