In Rosinterbank were searched

Information about the searches in the office of Rosinterbank appeared on the banking forum “ Bank’s press service confirmed the information and said that the police conducted a seizure of documents on one of the clients of Rosinterbank. Excavation was conducted in the Central office of Bank in Moscow, Kozhevnicheskaya street.

The Bank occupies the 67th place by assets, according to Banks.<url> on June 1, the Bank’s assets stood at 94.6 billion rubles). The volume of deposits is 54, 9 billion rubles, the bulk of assets are corporate loans (47.7 billion rubles on June 1).

According to the Central Bank, the main owner of the Bank is George Gvelesiani, OOO “Germes Organics” he owns 75,47% of shares.

Earlier it was informed that the Bank has demanded through court from the Deputy of the state Duma and the developer Ildar samieva to return $6 million personal loan. The Bank also requires samieva RUB 1.4 billion as guarantor for loans of several companies