Nikita Belykh announced a hunger strike

The Governor of the Kirov region, who was arrested last Saturday on charges of bribery for a total amount of €400 thousand, went on hunger strike in the detention center “Lefortovo”.

“This morning, before I came, White filed an application to the head of the jail to start hunger strike in protest against the indictment of the prosecution and also due to the fact that it still did not let his wife and brother,” said TASS, the lawyer of the Governor Vadim Prokhorov. Earlier Wednesday, the Investigative Committee confirmed that the Governor’s brother Alexander White, who worked as the head of the office of the Prosecutor General in the Volga Federal district, was dismissed from bodies of Prosecutor’s office on their own.

In conversation with Prokhorov confirmed that the Governor of the Kirov region refused to eat. He said that White had not eaten since he arrived at the prison, because he had no medicines from diabetes, and without them his condition worse. According to Prokhorov, he has failed to pass any of the White medicines in the Basmanny court at the time of election to it measures of restraint, nor in “Lefortovo”.

Prokhorov stressed that White denies his guilt and the fact of receiving a bribe. To comment further on the case the lawyer refused, citing the secrecy of the investigation. According to the lawyer, soon White will have another lawyer Olga Mikhailova, who, like Prokhorov, represents the interests of the relatives of Boris Nemtsov. Previously, she defended the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexey Navalny. Prokhorov said that while the investigator Roman Mukhachev was not allowed to visit Mikhailova White, but within several days the issue should be resolved.

Kirov Governor was arrested on 24 June in the capital’s restaurant. According to investigators, he received from the businessman the package, which contained €100 thousand and a bottle of wine. The decision of the Basmanny court of Moscow the Governor was arrested until the end of August.

White was charged under the article “receiving a bribe in especially large size” (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). According to investigators, White personally and through intermediaries received a total of €400 thousand in Return he was to help the briber and controlled them JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”. The searches in this case also took place in administration of the Kirov region.

According to official representative SKR Vladimir Markin, White promised the companies a patronage when implementing their investment projects. Both companies, according to local media reports, implementing projects, which in 2015 was included in the list of priority investment projects of the Kirov region, approved by regional government.

In conversation with members of the PMC Zoya Light and eve Marichevoy who visited the Governor in jail, White called his arrest “a sham”. In court, he also declared his innocence, stressing that never took bribes.

“Most likely, glow in the dark paint on his hands appeared after he hand shook hands with the man who was carrying a bag with money. But White money is not touched,” — said after the court session the lawyer of the Governor Sergey Teterin. Transferred to White funds he called “the sponsor’s help to the region.” Later White refused the services of artists.

During the court hearing, the investigator Mukhachev pointed out that White does not deny receipt of the money, but in his testimony, the Governor explained that the funds were intended for the needs of the city. The money was received from foreign investor.