Putin proposed to create the authority to control children’s camps

That the powers governing the work of children’s camps, needs to concentrate in a single Agency, Putin said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who oversees social policy. A meeting on the situation in the sphere of children’s recreation took place a few days after the tragedy in Karelia, 18 may, in the storm on the lake killed 15 children who went camping on boats.

According to Putin, should be developed uniform standards for the security of the organization of children’s leisure. In addition, we need an accreditation system for children’s camps, the words of the President “RIA Novosti”.

Golodets confirmed that the government plans to introduce not only a system of accreditation of children’s camps but also the system of licensing of these institutions. Vice-Premier did not explain what was meant by accreditation and licensing. According to Golodets, due to informal recreation in Russia in 2015 died 1674 child.

Camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero” broke the law when sending kids Hiking on boats, explained Golodets. “During the tragedy in Karelia we are faced with a situation when the whole, the whole normative framework has been violated. The camp was forbidden to hold any tourist activities outside the camp, because the camp was not equipped, nor trained instructors,” she said. After the events on the Syamozero checked almost 20 thousand children’s health organizations, said Golodets. Revealed many violations, they are eliminated, she said.

About necessity of creation of the Agency which would be responsible for the work of children’s camps after tragedy on the Syamozero was declared by the deputies of the state Duma. On Tuesday, June 28, “the Ministry of childhood” proposed to create a Deputy of the lower house from Karelia Irina Petelava during a round table “parliamentary newspaper”, which was dedicated to the tragedy. Member of the coordination Council on development of children’s tourism under the government of Sergey Mindelevich proposed to create a profession counselor-instructor. “This profession we have. No duties shall be performed by the counselor,” stated Mendelevich.

During the round table participants suggested that the powers in the sphere of children’s tourism could be transferred to the Ministry of education and science.