Putin will take into account the comments of the anti-terrorist package of Irina Spring

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take into account different points of view on the package of anti-terrorist amendments, Irina Spring. This was stated by his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports .

According to him, the President is familiar with the bill and the debate around it. The Kremlin is studying specific comments that make “public men,” said Sands.

However, he added that in the process of adoption of the law were “consultations” and “certain changes” that take into account the opinions of skeptics. Previously, other laws, many have also raised concerns, but “in the implementation process,” they were proved to be unfounded, concluded Peskov.

On the question whether the President uses the veto, a spokesman said that the President has the right to sign or not to sign the bill.

The state Duma adopted the bills on June 24. The Federation Council, which shall review them on Wednesday, June 29, refused to remove them from consideration. For withdrawing voted 16 senators, and vs — 108, and 11 abstained. Speaker Valentina Matviyenko stressed that a fair position would be to discuss a package of amendments. She recalled that when the examination of the law will be removed from the agenda, the amendments will be sent directly to the President”.

Amendments toughening responsibility for crimes of extremist and terrorist nature. In particular, they require operators and Internet companies from 1 July 2018 to store the content of phone calls and correspondence to users in a period of up to six months. Before the second reading the state Duma has agreed to withdraw from the package of regulations prohibiting to travel abroad and deprivation of citizenship, which caused a great public resonance.

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Against the package were, in particular, the “big four”, asking the speaker of Coveted Valentina Matvienko not to take it. MTS, “Megaphone”, “VympelCom” (“Beeline”) and Tele2 stated that the requirements of the law are impractical from both a technical and an economic point of view.

Reject the anti-terrorism package called the head of the presidential Council on human rights Mikhail Fedotov. He said he intends to make such a request to President Vladimir Putin. According to Fedotov, to return to the “Spring package” is needed after the election to modify it effortlessly. “Rush is known to be good for catching fleas, but not when creating laws,” — said the head of the HRC.

Voted against the package, and ex-President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, who is currently ranked in the Republic of the post of state adviser. In his opinion, the state Duma passed the package of bills “in the heat of the election campaign”. “The new composition will consider — it will be under the law,” he said.