The Parliament of Liguria has recognized the Crimea part of Russia

According to Italian publication Albenga Corsara, in the document submitted to the regional Council the group of deputies pointed to the negative effects of sanctions on the economies of Italy and Liguria in particular. It condemns the policy of the EU against the Crimea and calls upon the Italian government to recognize the will of the inhabitants of the Peninsula voted for joining the Peninsula to Russia, and immediately remove “unnecessary sanctions against Russia”. The MPs also point to the importance of cooperation with Moscow in order to strengthen international security and fight against terrorism.

During the debates the deputies representing the opposition for the current Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of the party, no serious objections to the proposed document, the newspaper writes. The resolution was amended, emphasizing long-standing historical ties between Russia and Liguria, after which the Council unanimously approved the document.

Adviser on economic development and at the same time the head of the Ligurian branch of the party “Northern League” Edoardo Crowns in an interview with La Spezia. Cronaca4 said that since the entry into force of sanctions against Russia, the agricultural sector in Italy has lost about €240 million According to him, the biggest blow was dealt on medium and small enterprises, whose products were highly valued in the Russian market.

Crowns also pointed out that Liguria expects to restore the flow of Russian tourists to the region and to strengthen ties in the field of scientific research.

In mid-may a similar document with a call to the Italian authorities to lift sanctions and recognize the Crimean referendum was organized by the regional Parliament of the Veneto region (Venice). Voted for the document, not only the supporters of the “Northern League”, but also activists and organizations advocating greater autonomy of the Venetian region.