The ruble has ignored Putin’s statement on the resumption of relations with Turkey

Moscow exchange hardly reacted to news that Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed on the imminent lifting of the embargo on imports of Turkish products and the lifting of restrictions on the Turkish resorts of Russian tourists. Neither the ruble-denominated MICEX index or RTS dollar, grown more during the morning trading, its growth is almost not accelerated. By 15:30 GMT, the MICEX index has reached 1877,5 points (opened at level 1862,25), RTS — 922,96 points (at the opening was 915,52).

Turned out to be weak and the reaction of the currency. The dollar and the Euro on the Moscow stock exchange after news about the conversation Putin and Erdogan ranged from 20-30 kopecks. the Euro has remained above yesterday’s closing level and the exchange rate of the dollar fell below this level, then once again rose above her.

The Istanbul stock exchange met these messages are small growth of quotations. In a few minutes the major stock indexes were in the morning in the “red zone”, was released in plus, having added about 0,7%.

“Much euphoria or disappointment because no significant penetration of the economies. Communication economies are weak, hence the indifference” — said managing Director, BCS Broker Oleg Chikhladze. He also noted that normalization of relations with Turkey is important, especially for construction companies on the exchange are not represented, and retailers. That is why, according to Chikhladze, among leaders of growth today turned out to be “Magnet”, whose shares today grew faster than the market, rising to the peak of more than 4%.

The lack on the Moscow exchange a large number of companies that can benefit from improved relations with Turkey, said the Director of the Department of active operations of the company “Veles the Capital” Evgenie Shilenkov. “The direct beneficiaries, such as travel agencies, I do not see. In Turkey, companies that depend on our market will be much larger. It is clear that they will win,” he said. Moreover, according to Shilenkova, for a number of Russian companies, the lifting of sanctions against Turkey, not so positive news. In particular, the Turkish tourism will again become competitors for the resorts of the Crimea and Sochi.

At the same time Chikhladze believes that normalization of relations between the two countries in any case will have a positive impact on the economy and in the long run will contribute to its growth.