Us media said the attack FSB on U.S. diplomat

Early on the morning of 6 June, the FSB in civilian clothes attacked the American diplomat, trying to prevent him from entering the Embassy building in Moscow, said in his column the journalist of The Washington Post Josh Rogin. He refers to four American officials who are aware of the incident.

Diplomat managed to enter the Embassy, but as a result of clashes with the FSB, he received a fractured shoulder and other injuries, says Rogin. Sources of the journalist confirmed to him that the victim was taken from Russia to urgent care and he stays abroad.

An anonymous official told Regina that the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was summoned to the state Department, where he was made a representation in connection with the incident.

One of the sources of the journalist told him that the diplomat had sought refuge in the Embassy to avoid arrest by Russian security services. Another source said the diplomat was probably working for us intelligence using diplomatic cover.

Rogin notes that the representatives of the state Department and the CIA declined to comment on the incident, and also clarify, does the diplomat for U.S. intelligence. The journalist notes that if the diplomat was an intelligence officer, his sources no other explanation of the incident. One of the interlocutors Rogin noticed that the FSB is regularly on duty at the American Embassy in Moscow.

asked for comments in the Federal security service and foreign Ministry.

Monday Rogin in his column said that American diplomats in Moscow and some European capitals are subject to intimidation and harassment by the Russian security services. According to him, he was aware of a series of memoranda complaints from diplomats and Secretary of state John Kerry during his March visit, he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop to use such methods of pressure.

The spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau has officially confirmed that over the past two years significantly increased the number of cases of harassment of diplomats by Russian security forces. She also confirmed the fact of discussion on the subject of Kerry and Putin, but did not specify details.

On Tuesday, the representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the FBI and CIA put pressure on the Russian diplomats, and the publication in The Washington Post called propaganda. “Our staff, Russian diplomats are constantly faced with the provocations by the FBI, the CIA, in particular, staff mentioned structures don’t hesitate to apply to our diplomats including inconsistent measures, including pressure, psychological pressure, even in the presence of their families this is happening,” she said.