Kyiv is ready to mirror the response to the extension of the Russian embargo

As reports “” on the offer of a mirror to extend the Ukrainian counter-sanctions against Russia until the end of 2017, said trade representative of the country, the Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine Natalia Mykolskiy.

According to her, it is about the renewal of the Ukrainian sanctions for the same term mentioned in the Russian document. “We have this proposal ready to take to the Cabinet of Ministers and consider this decision,” said Gaina.

On the eve of Vladimir Putin extended the trade embargo until 31 December of the following year. Under the Russian sanctions apply to countries that acceded to the restrictions against Moscow: the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Liechtenstein, Iceland. At the end of 2015 this list includes Ukraine.

The authorities of Ukraine on 2 January 2016 imposed retaliatory sanctions against Russia. On the territory of Ukraine banned import of meat, fish, vodka, beer, cigarettes, confectionery, baby food, food for cats and dogs, as well as a number of other products.

Under the ban came also insecticides and herbicides are Russian-made locomotives and equipment for Railways and some other products.