Putin has promised not to be “militaristic frenzy”

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will resist “warmongering frenzy,” that it is provoking NATO. He stated this at a meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Anti-Russian orientation of NATO today deliberately stuck out. The Alliance is not only looking at the behavior of Russia the confirmation of the legitimacy and expediency of its existence, but takes on real confrontational steps,” — said the President.

“We know how to react, and will it will definitely do in the future, but not going to succumb to militaristic frenzy,” — said Putin.

According to the President, despite the fact that “the mythical Iranian nuclear threat, which justified the construction of missile defense systems, left, in the East of Europe in full continues,” the construction of anti-missile infrastructure. “But we when this idea was born, said that it is cheating, fetish, just an excuse. The way it really is,” said the head of state.

Dramatically increased the number of military exercises in the Black sea and the Baltic sea, Putin said. “We are constantly accused that we provide some kind of military activity. Where? On its territory, and the fact that our borders are developing, it’s okay,” said the President. According to him, in Poland, the Baltic States are a rapid reaction force, replenished the arsenals of offensive weapons — all aimed at undermining the decades of the emerging military parity. Russia keeps these processes in the field of view, knows how to react, and it will do it, of course, in the future, Putin said.

In his opinion, Russia is trying to provoke a costly and futile arms race” in order to distract from internal problems of socio-economic development. “But there will be also our weakness. We always will reliably be able to protect themselves”, — Putin promised. He also spoke about the unstable situation in the world as a whole. “The state of the world, as you know, is far from stable and is becoming less predictable. Serious changes occur in all spheres of international relations: there is increasing competition for influence and resources, they are different approaches as to how to line up the mechanisms of global governance in the twenty-first century, and someone is making attempts at all to put aside all the rules and all the conventions”, — Putin said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives takes place every two years, respectively, the previous took place in 2014. Together with ambassadors and permanent representatives to participate in them representatives of different departments, office of the President, members of the government.