The foreign Ministry responded to the message about the attack of FSB on U.S. diplomat

In a statement, Zakharova published on the website of Ministry of foreign Affairs, describes an alternative version of events on 29 June wrote journalist Josh Rogin in the newspaper the Washington Post. He claimed that on the morning of 6 June, the FSB officer in civilian clothes allegedly attacked an American diplomat. The official representative of the foreign Ministry confirmed that on 6 June at the U.S. Embassy there was an incident between a police officer and a U.S. diplomat.

“On the night of 6 June at the Embassy complex in Moscow was approached by a taxi, which jumped by an unknown man in pulled low over the face of the cap and rushed to the entrance. Russian policeman on duty there wanted to check the documents of suspicious person, to ensure no threats to diplomatic missions, but that instead the presentation of certificates, hit a guard with an elbow in the face. In the ensuing brawl the stranger pushed the security officer and fled the Embassy,” — said Zakharov.

“We know that this diplomat is actually a CIA officer. That night he disguised, returned after a surveillance operation. And whether strongly was nervous because of this, or just wanted to slip in unrecognized, and therefore did not show his diplomatic card, and when it stopped — dissolved hands,” she added.

As indicated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, the version that the attack on the police made the diplomat confirmed records from surveillance cameras. On them it is visible that the employee of the Embassy, entering the building, he started to fix the mirror hair. “Like a diplomat with a broken shoulder (about this injury was discussed in the article Washington Post) broke into the Embassy quietly corrected in front of the mirror with your hair?” “asked Zakharov. “The American side ought to say thank you to the guard, who scrupulously doing his duty by stopping the night visitor, who did not want to identify themselves, and punish their “diplomat”, who acted as an inveterate bully,” said Zakharova Americans.

The journalist of The Washington Post Josh Rogin in his article claimed that early on the morning of 6 June, the FSB in civilian clothes attacked the American diplomat, trying to prevent him from entering the Embassy building in Moscow. Diplomat managed to enter the Embassy, but as a result of clashes with the FSB, he received a fractured shoulder and other injuries, says Rogin. Sources of the journalist confirmed to him that the victim was taken from Russia to urgent care and he stays abroad.

An anonymous official told Regina that the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was summoned to the state Department, where he was made a representation in connection with the incident. One of the sources of the journalist told him that the diplomat had sought refuge in the Embassy to avoid arrest by Russian security services. Another source said the diplomat was probably working for us intelligence using diplomatic cover.